Terms and conditions

1. Terms and conditions for business relations with Mentorix International ApS

On this page, we have gathered the conditions tied to the purchase of services and registration for our courses. If you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@mentorixlearning.com


4. Cancellation

Courses will typically be carried through with a minimum of 8 participants. To ensure sufficient quality in our courses, Mentorix reserves the right to cancel a course based on an inadequate number of participants. Cancellation of a course may occur up until 14 days before the first day of training. In the event of a cancellation, course participants will be offered a spot on a corresponding course later on. The course participant may decline the offer and be credited the full amount of the course.


5. Rights

Mentorix International ApS has the right of ownership (e.g. intellectual property right and copyright) of any and all course material, including wall sheets, slides, PowerPoint files, Pdf’s, etc., which may have been handed out in connection with a course or an event. Usage is permitted as long as a copyright notice of Mentorix ApS is distinctly specified.


6. Payment

An invoice for the course will be sent briefly after registration. This will be sent to the billing address stated at registration. In the case of late payment, interests will be claimed per month, together with a reminder fee of €14 including VAT. If no payment is made, Mentorix reserves the right to withdraw access to a possible course. Private purchases will be completed via instant payment and purchase via a company will be completed by forwarding an invoice with a payment deadline of 8 days. At the point of purchase, you will gain 12 months access to the course. The access is valid from the day of purchase. There is a 6-month access to an exam. The access is valid from the day you order your exam.


7. Prices

All prices upon delivery in Denmark is the valid retail price excluding VAT.


8. Delivery

8.1 E-learning

E-learning licenses and access will be set up within 1-2 business days and you will receive a separate email about this.

Following the email, your access to the course is active.


8.2 Shipment in Denmark

For addresses in Denmark, we will send you order by post or by courier. Please contact us in the case of special circumstance concerning delivery abroad.


8.3 Delivery time

Delivery time is usually no more than 5 business days. If books are out of stock, the delivery time will usually be 7-14 business days.


9. Right of complaint

Your right of complaint is valid for 2 years. If you receive a wrong or damaged item, you must make your complaint within 2 months of observing the fault. Any complaint must be directed by email, to