AgilePM® Practitioner

AgilePM® Practitioner

Intended for you, who are currently working on or have already finished your AgilePM® Foundation.

Attain a more in-depth knowledge of how to use and implement the principle on a day-to-day basis.

Participants: 22 | Latest update: 2016 | Language: English

You will learn…

✔  How to use a wide variety of agile methods in a project, e.g. Facilitation workshops, MoSCoW-prioritization, Iterative development and modeling.

✔  How to test, asses and evaluate the delivery of the agile project.

✔  Mechanisms to ease and support the agile project

✔  The agile method to manage and prioritize demands.


To participate in the AgilePM® Practitioner course, you have to have passed AgilePM® Foundation or a DSDN Atern Foundation Certificate, or a DSDM Advanced Practitioner Certificate.

Description of AgilePM® Practitioner

AgilePM® is a scalable, agile project methods that comprise the essential control mechanisms for the company’s project portfolio. It contains everything the company needs, without becoming cumbersome and bureaucratic.

Get AgilePM in the correct order

AgilePM Foundation will provide fundamental knowledge about AgilePM. In addition, this course will also provide you with the internationally recognised certification AgilePM Foundation.

AgilePM Practitioner authorizes, encourages and equips you with an in-depth knowledge of not just the certification, but also how to apply and implement these principles in the everyday life of a project manager.

Aims of the course

  • To develop a more advanced level of knowledge to help gain an understanding of flexibility and the ability to apply relevant methods of project management, which will lead to successful agile projects.
  • Clarification of different management styles necessary in successful agile projects in comparison to traditional projects and the ability to customize these to the situation at hand.
  • To further active trust and a close collaboration between the company and developers while providing the company with continuous knowledge of the process.
  • To combine knowledge of more traditional modes of control with agile methods to help adapt to a changing business environment.
  • Improve time-to-market and project success rates – while accelerating results by encouraging stakeholder engagement, feedback and effective control.

Methods of teaching

This AgilePM Practitioner course is based on independent studies via video-based e-learning. You can stream your lessons when and where it suits you and at whichever pace works for you. The combination of videos, quizzes, written exams and supplementary material will provide good support, both during and after the course.

About the teacher

Antony della Porta, Founder af “The Sustainable PM” initiative

Experience with more than 30 years of working in the field of project management. He has made it possible for the organization to execute their strategic business, environment and sustainability goals through the expertise with Portfolio-Programme-Project Management.

For more information, see LinkedIn 

The price is excluding VAT

6 hours of video
15 supplementary materials
25-30 hours estimated study time
3 months access
Computer, tablet and mobile
Online exam
Proof of your certification

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Course content: AgilePM® Practitioner

More detailed guidance on each of the DSDM role is provided in this session including a description of specific responsibilities associated with each of them.

3 videos – 25 min.

Focusses on the practicalities of what the DSDM Project Manager needs to consider in each phase as the project progresses through various phases.

2 videos – 39 min.

More details provided for the Project Manager about the roles Responsible for their production, Accountable for their content, Contributing to and Informed by their content (RACI).

1 video – 32 min.

In this session, DSDM brings together the practices of MoSCoW prioritisation and Timeboxing to enable on-time delivery of projects consistently and predictably, time after time.

5 videos – 37 min.

Explains the importance of two of the eight principles, effective communication and collaboration.

1 video – 16 min.

DSDM acknowledges the dilemma related to requirements and proposes a better way of working.

3 videos – 18 min.

Detailed explanation on different styles of Estimating and the Estimating Lifecycle.

1 video – 17 min.

Explains how the set of Planning, Testing, Tracking and Control concepts are interrelated to DSDM Products, DSDM Practices and the responsibilities associated with the DSDM roles.

3 videos – 12 min.

Explains the importance of understanding what the principle ‘never compromise quality’ actually means and how it works in practice on a DSDM project.

3 videos – 10 min.

Cover major sources of risk for Agile projects and how DSDM helps mitigate Project Risk.

2 videos – 11 min.

Describes some typical ways that DSDM has been adapted or tailored to meet circumstances that they have encountered.

1 video – 9 min.

The video based exercise is based on a precious test exam. You can get a great result by completing the exercise and watch the reasoning behind the answers from the trainer.

17 videos – 100 min.

For whom is the course intended?

  • You, who participate in or manage projects in which agile methods are used, either alone or in combination with other methods.
  • You, who wants an agile and flexible method for planning, organizing and managing a project from A-Z.
  • You, who work in projects – either as a participant, team manager or project manager or you, who have project management as part of your plans for the future.

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The price is excluding VAT

6 hours of video
15 supplementary materials
25-30 hours estimated study time
90 days access
Computer, tablet and mobile
Online exam
Official AgilePM manual - digital
Proof of your certification