AgilePM® Foundation

AgilePM® Foundation

Accomplish flexible project management.

AgilePM® Foundation is an agile framework that will ensure a consistent process with an ideal balance between control and flexibility.

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Latest update: 2016 | Language: Danish or English

You will learn…

✔  How to lay the foundation of successful agile projects.

✔  About the different management styles necessary for successful agile projects.

✔  How to manage an agile project.

✔  The principles of AgilePM.

✔  About the different roles and responsibilities of the project.

✔  Insight into techniques for managing, among other things, time and quality.

✔  Your role in the project and what demands you have to meet.


For you to take our AgilePM Foundation course, you need experience with projects and knowledge of PRINCE2. General experience with project management is an advantage, but not a requirement.

For whom is the course intended?

  • You, who participate in or manage projects in which agile methods are used, either alone or in combination with other methods.
  • You, who wants an agile and flexible method for planning, organising and managing a project from A-Z.
  • You, who work in projects – either as a participant, team manager or project manager.
  • You, who have project management as part of your plans for the future.

Description of AgilePM® Foundation

AgilePM Foundation is a fitting name for this course as it contributes with the fundamental principles necessary to mediate a successful project, while simultaneously considering degree-of-scope that many other methods does not. An AgilePM Foundation is, with a clear, concise and detailed perspective on project productivity, useful for all candidates with competence levels ranging from experienced project managers to novices.

Aims of the course

  • Explaining how to lay the foundation of successful agile projects.
  • Explaining how to manage an agile project.
  • To elucidate the different management styles necessary for successful agile projects (compared to traditional projects).

Methods of teaching

Our AgilePM Foundation course is based on independent studies via video-based e-learning. You can stream your lessons when and where it suits you and in whichever pace works for you. The combination of videos, quizzes, written exams and supplementary material will provide good support, both during and after the course.

About the teacher

Jakob Rasmussen, Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group

Jakob is certified in PRINCE2®, MSP®, PRINCE2 Agile® and P3O®, which are registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited. AgilePM® is a registered trademark of APMG International.

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The price is excluding VAT

2 hours of video
30 supplementary materials
12 tests
25-30 hours estimated study time
3 months access
Computer, tablet and mobile
Online exam
Official AgilePM manual
Proof of your certification

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Course content: AgilePM® Foundation

Managing agile projects might require a different management style compared to traditional projects. Oftentimes, traditional projects are predictably planned by the project manager. With agile projects, a high-level plan is executed early in the process and from there, the product is made iteratively and gradually increasing. You will learn to master this in our AgilePM Foundation course.

2 videos – 13 min.

The DSDM philosophy is supported by eight principles, built on the mindset and conduct necessary for making the philosophy applicable.

1 video – 9 min.

Without a collective usage of the eight principles, the DSDM philosophy cannot be brought to life. And if a team does not follow all the principles, the full benefit of the method will not be achieved.

1 video – 19 min.

Key factors are fundamental in the positioning of a successful DSDM project. If these factors are not met, they will constitute a significant risk for the entire DSDM method.

1 video – 6 min.

DSDM integrates project management and product development into one single process, which many other agile methods do not. In a lot of companies, DSDM is everything that is needed. However, many companies will achieve additional value by integrating DSDM with other methods, i.e. PRINCE2, PMI or XP.

1 video – 5 min.

The agile project-framework, DSDM, is described as a set of products which is to be continually considered while the project is underway. These products describe the solution and anything else that is created in with the intent of aiding the continued process. In addition, they also describe what is needed to help the overall project management and control.

1 video – 11 min.

The foundation of a successful project is effective cooperation. DSDM acknowledges this foundation and assigns clear roles and obligations for the people participating in the project.

1 video – 17 min.

DSDM emphasises the importance of detailed planning. And as such, three agile concepts are defined within project planning, six concepts for tests and four concepts for tracing and control.

1 video – 12 min.

MoSCoW is a technique which is used to prioritise in AgilePM, among other things. Timeboxing is a well-defined process, in which you control the creation of low-level products iteratively with several specific points of assessment to ensure the quality of these products and the efficiency of the process of delivery.

2 videos – 11 min.

Workshops on communication, modelling and iterative development are DSDM practices which will help to keep the focus on and securing the delivery of the right solution.

1 video – 8 min.

AgilePM® Foundation exam

40 min. multiple-choice exam with 50 questions. To pass the exam, 25 correct answers are required. If the exam is not in your native language, 25% of the time is added.

If you have bought a full course package with e-learning and, possibly, a manual, the exam is included in the price. When you are ready to take your exam, all you have to do is send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Which certification you want (i.e. AgilePM)
  • Any additional remarks – i.e. dyslexia

Within two working days, you will receive an email from followed by an email from the provider of the exam, APMGroup, which will guide you on. NB! Emails from APMGroup may end up in your spam or unwanted folder, please remember to check these.

The AgilePM Foundation exam is in English.

  • Webcam (if it is built-in you have to bring a mirror, as the room has to be checked previous to the start of the exam.)
  • Microphone
  • A room where you can take the exam without the presence of others.
  • That you can present a photo ID before the start of the exam (driver’s license, passport or other form of ID with date of birth and picture on)

The exam takes place online and can be taken at home. You choose the time and date that fits you. The online exam takes place via ProctorU and you will receive an email from our exam provider with a link to set up an account at ProctorU and a guide. The exam is monitored and on the day of the exam, you will be guided through to the beginning of your exam.

The price is excluding VAT

2 hours of video
30 supplementary materials
12 tests
25-30 hours estimated study time
90 days access
Computer, tablet and mobile
Online exam
Official AgilePM manual - digital
Proof of your certification

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