Course overview

Course overview

At the Mentorix online learning platform Eurekos you will find your next online course. We are experts in project, program and portfolio management, but we also have other courses.

Our course products enable you to offer learning to your entire organization. With a new and optimized online course catalog, we have trained about 10,000 students so far.

DKK 6995
12 month access
4 hours of video
55 supplementary materials
14 tests
20 hours estimated study time
Official Scrum manual can be purchased
✔ Online exam
✔ Proof of your certification
DKK 15995
12 month access
10 hours and 47 minutes of video
97 supplementary materials
33 tests
60-75 hours estimated study time
✔ 2 official manuals - Scrum manual can be purchased
✔ 3 online exams
✔ Proof of your 3 certifications
Please contact us if you have any questions about our products.

We are happy to provide non-binding advice on which courses you should choose.

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